How to Create Shortcut to WhatsApp Conversation. 20 WhatsApp Tips And Tricks You Should Know. I want to give the user the option of add a homescreen shortcut to launch the app (prompting him at the first launch). You can save shortcuts to your favourite WhatsApp conversations directly on your home screen by tapping and holding a chat and selecting the Add Chat Shortcut option from the menu. ... To create a broadcast ... you can run two WhatsApp accounts. Whatsapp has swiftly grown from a small startup to one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over one billion users. Shortcut for WhatsApp Plus will allow you to pin your favorite WhatsApp contacts to Notification Center. From guilt-free reply-dodging to retrieving deleted messages. There is no inbuilt way for adding a file/folder shortcut to your device homescreen. You can select an individual or group chat. Creating Shortcuts to a File or Folder in Android, add shortcut to android home screen, how to create shortcut on android home screen How to display battery percentage in status bar Android-SsGvJBiceCE ... How to create Whatsapp contact shortcut on home screen-l3ibp8ZJofA WhatsApp is the instant chatting app ever made for any smartphone. If youve gone through the effort of turning a conversation into a home screen shortcut Launch WhatsApp and go to the Chat view. Facebook may have plans to bring its marquee service and WhatsApp closer together. Today we will be telling you about the Whatsapp Feature which is available only for android devices and it is really useful for the Whatsapp Messaging lovers. In last post we learn how to digitally sign android application. Customise notifications. For more details on this, check out: How To Add WhatsApp Quick Contact Shortcut Widget To iOS 8. Android users can simply tap and hold on a conversation, which will reveal an option reading Add conversation shortcut. To create a file shortcut in Android phone you need to download free app and I will help you by showing you few simple steps how to create a shortcut. In this tutorial we will see how to create Android Application Shortcut on Home Screen, pro It will create what looks like a brand new app, adopting that particular conversations title and picture as its name and icon. Here you will get Whatsapp Status of different types like Attitude Status, Hindi Status, Punjabi Status, Love Status and many other status for Whatsapp. Hide images, go stealthy and get secure - we're about to make you a WhatsApp messaging master. Now for an Android exclusive. Here are some tips and tricks for making the best use of this app. Know how to create a file shortcut in Android. WhatsApp Messenger enables you to pin contacts with whom you interact the most to the home screen of your smartphone. Choose the chat you want to make a shortcut for and tap and hold it. You can easily add a direct WhatsApp shortcut to your favourite contact / conversations on your home screen. Popular mobile messaging service WhatsApp is now available on the PC using a web browser, news sure to delight the thumbs of 600 million active users everywhere. You can use an accessibility shortcut to turn on TalkBack or another accessibility tool quickly. This popular instant messenger is easy to use and has some hidden features. For more WhatsApp tips and tricks - All Rights Reserved! Creating Shortcuts to a File or Folder in Android, add shortcut to android home screen, how to create shortcut on android home screen